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They also depend upon the socio-economic class of the person who was eating.

If you are studying the meal times of a specific place/people/period please let us know.

The history of meal times (and number of meals consumed) makes for fascinating study.

Nuncheons was usually something eaten by workmen who were given payment for it... Medieval theorists, and common custom through the Renaissance, favored the "prandium," or dinner, at ten or eleven in the morning, as the larger meal.Meals tended over time to be eaten later and later in the day: by the eighteenth century, dinner was eaten at about PM...By the early nineteenth century, lunch, what Palmer in Moveable Feasts calls "the furtive snack," had become a sit-down meal at the dning table in the middle of the day.The time was only specified as a 'convenyent hower', although to break one's fast after devotions was the generally recommended procedure.Earlier reference to breakfast sometimes meant dinner, literally, in these cases, the first meal of the day.

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